Sunday, November 28, 2010

A economy theory that could land you a job.

Lately, I have found myself searching websites such as craigslist, monster, etc. Occasionally I will do this to get a "feel" on the CNA job market. Recently, I noticed there to be a higher demand than usual for CNA's in Florida. I pondered this thought and came to the conclusion the economy must be to blamed for this. Following 2005, the time at which our economy was the worst, CNA jobs were available, like always. However, as the years progressed and the economy grew, so did the need for CNA's. Why is this? My theory is that in the 2005 economy collapse people who once had high paying jobs where in such desperate need of a career they chose to become a CNA. I'm not saying becoming a CNA is bad, I'm just explaining the need for jobs when the economy collapsed was greater and people would take any good job they could get. Now, since the economy has stabilized many people have left being a CNA to return to their normal callings. This great for everyone else because pay increases with demand and right now CNA's are in high demand. So if your thinking about becoming a CNA, now couldn't be a better time!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Requirements for Florida Nurse Aides

Requirements for CNA's vary from State to State. However, out of all of the States Florida seems to have the most relaxed requirements. For example, you are not required to have a High School Diploma or GED. You are also not required to have any clinical hours under your belt.
One of the requirement is that you pass a background check. If you do have a criminal record you still might be able to get away with obtaining certification regardless. Felonies, on the other hand, will most likely disable you from obtaining your certification. This will all be at the decision of the nursing board. Other than all that the only other requirments are passing your State exam. Good luck!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Cost of getting a FL CNA license.

The most common question I get asked is, "How much am I going to have to spend to get my CNA license?" The answer to this question varies. Fortunately, Florida is the cheapest state to get you license in. "Why is this?",you ask, like I said in my first article, Florida is the easiest state to get your license in, thus making it cheaper than others. This is all because the expensive classes and/or college required in other states are not required in Florida.

What you need exactly:
To begin with, your going to need a prep course. For example, No, a prep course is not required, but jumping into something that requires a lot of studying and practice does not seem like a smart choice. Prep courses range in price starting from $49.99, all the way up to $1000+. I recommend going with my favorite prep course, They only charge $49.99 and offer an amazing course. If you must go with a course locally expect to pay around $350. So now that you have your prep course you ask "Whats next?" Now you will need to take your state exam. On average, for the typical English speaking Floridian, the test will set you back about $160. After passing your state test you will officailly be a CNA in the State of Florida.

Lets Add things Up!

Now lets add everything up. For comparison, I'm going to show you three examples of your total cost, depending on what course you choose.

Here is my first example, going with a course like

Course Cost-$49.99
State Exam Cost-$160
Total Cost to get your Florida CNA license-$210

Here is my second example, going with a local course that is reasonably priced:

Course Cost-$350
State Exam Cost-$160
Total Cost to get your Florida CNA license-$510

Finally my third example, going with a local course that is outrageously over priced and probably offered at a community college of some sort:

Course Cost-$1000+
State Exam Cost-Free, because I feel bad for anyone who would take this option.
Total Cost-Priceless because you probably don't have a brain.

I'll let you decide which option seems like the smarter choice. I hope this answers any questions you may have had about the cost of obtaining a Florida CNA license. If you don't feel satisfied with my explanation on the cost of getting a FL CNA license, please leave me a comment. If you liked the article please leave me a comment as well. If you feel Florida is too expensive and ripping you off, DON'T move to California, because their course is way over priced and lasts about a year.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to obtain your Florida CNA license.

So you want to become a licensed CNA in Florida?
Well there's good news, getting your Florida Certified Nurses Assistant Certification is very simple. In fact, Florida is the easiest state to obtain a CNA license in. This is due to the fact you can challenge the state test. Challenging the state test means instead of taking a long and expensive course or college classes, which most states require, you can just take a simple prep course. For example: is a great online prep course. They offer everything you need to know to take, and successfully pass the Florida CNA Exam. Once you complete your prep course the only thing left to do is take the state exam. Usually your prep course will go over applying for the state exam, and what to expect on it. Pass the exam and you will be issued a Florida CNA License. It's that simple!!

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